CleverHans is a Python library with the main purpose of providing good reference implementations of attacks for benchmarking machine learning models against adversarial examples. The main maintainers of this library are Ian Goodfellow and Nicolas Papernot. Attacks (i.e. methods for generating adversarial examples) are listed under /cleverhans and each of the supported frameworks has its own folder with attack implementations. CleverHans also aims to implement a set of defenses, but this is currently work in progress (currently there is only a defense implementation for PyTorch).

In the latest version of CleverHans, both TensorFlow 1 and Python 2 are no longer supported. To me it seems that not all content from v3.1.0 is ported yet to the latest version of CleverHans (v4.0.0), which for example may explain the mostly empty /defenses folder. However, v4.0.0 was only released 5 days prior to the writing of this text. According to the README the current focus is on implementing attacks in PyTorch.

The supported frameworks in v4 are JAX, PyTorch and TensorFlow 2 (legacy implementations for TensorFlow 1 and Python 2 are still available under cleverhans_v3.1.0).

Tutorials on Cifar10 and MNIST are available alongside a wide array of example use-cases of the library.